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Boards, Committees and Related Bodies 委員會及有關組織

Academic Advising Committee (#1)學業指導委員會
Academic Advising and First Year Experience Committee學業指導及首年學習體驗委員會
Academic Awards, Board of 獎學金委員會
Academic Board學務委員會
Academic Development Committee (#2)教務發展委員會
Academic Freedom, Task Force on學術自由檢討小組
Academic Reviews, Committee on (#3)學務檢討委員會
Academic Reviews, Advisory Group on學務檢討諮詢小組
Accommodation Committee校舍事務委員會
American Studies, Board of Studies in美國研究教務委員會
Appointment of Professors and Readers, Board for the教授聘任委員會
Audit Committee核數委員會


(#1)Academic Advising Committee and the First Year Experience Committee, to form the "Academic Advising and First Year Experience Committee" from Mar 5, 2019

(#2)renamed as Academic Board in 2009-2010

(#3)disestablished in 2009-2010

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