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University members 大學成員

Academic Adviser學業導師
Academic-related staff教研人員
Accounting Assistant會計事務助理
Accounting Officer會計事務主任
Acting (title)署理(職銜)
Adjunct (title)客座(職銜)
Adjunct Assistant Professor客座助理教授
Adjunct Associate Professor客座副教授
Adjunct Professor客座教授
Administration Manager行政經理
Administrative Assistant行政主任
Administrative Assistant (Finance)行政主任(財務)
Administrator (Hospital Pathology Services)醫院病理服務行政主任
Admission Tutor新生遴選委員
Animal House Attendant動物室服務員
Animal Welfare Veterinarian獸醫(動物福利)
Architectural Assistant建築事務助理
Area Manager分區主管
Assistant Bookbinder助理書籍釘裝員
Assistant Computer Officer助理電腦主任
Assistant Cook助理廚師
Assistant Curator助理館長(博物館)
Assistant Dean of Faculty學院助理院長
Assistant Dean (International Relations) 助理院長(國際事務)
Assistant Dean (Academic Advising and Electives) 助理院長(學業導修)
Assistant Director助理主任/助理處長/助理總監/ 助理所長/助理院長
Assistant Director (Media)助理總監(傳媒)
Assistant Director of External Relations (#1)外務處助理處長 (#1)
Assistant Director of Safety Editor助理編輯
Assistant Electronics Engineer助理電子工程師
Assistant Executive, CPAO助理外務主任
Assistant Finance Director財務處助理處長
Assistant Glassblower玻璃器助理技工
Assistant IT Director資訊科技助理總監
Assistant Language Instructor見習語言教師
Assistant Librarian圖書館分組主任
Assistant Manager助理經理
Assistant Operations Manager助理運作經理
Assistant Professor助理教授
Assistant Programme Director助理策劃總監
Assistant Programme Officer助理節目主任
Assistant Registrar助理教務長
Assistant Research Officer助理專職研究員
Assistant Resident Engineer助理駐校工程師
Assistant Student Affairs Officer助理學生事務主任
Assistant Technical Director助理工程主任/處長/所長/院長/總監
Assistant Technical Manager助理技術經理
Assistant to Director (CAS)亞洲研究中心主任助理
Assistant to Director (CPES)體育部總監助理
Assistant to Graphic Artist圖表繪製技師助理
Assistant Tutor in Dental Hygiene牙科衞生副導師
Assistant Tutor in Dental Surgery Assisting牙科手術助理員副導師
Assistant Workshop Engineer工場助理工程師
Associate Dean (Masters) 副院長 (碩士發展)
Associate Dean (Student Enrichment)副院長 (學生拓展)
Associate Dean of Faculty學院副院長
Associate IT Director資訊科技副總監
Associate Librarian圖書館助理館長
Associate Professor副教授
Associate Professor of Teaching 教學副教授
Associate Vice-President協理副校長
Audio-Visual Assistant教研媒介技術助理
Audio-Visual Officer教研媒介技術主任


(#1)Stopped to be used from June 1, 2009

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