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November 2015 
Student Employment

In 2014, the employment rate of HKU graduates was 99.7%. For the ninth consecutive year, HKU had the highest employment rate among the UGC-funded comprehensive universities in Hong Kong.
Source : HKU data
The average annual salary of 2014 HKU graduates was HK$256,000, the highest among the UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong.
Source : HKU data
Most 2014 graduates achieved a high level of job satisfaction. 
¡´ 83.1% graduates were satisfied or very satisfied with their job
Source : HKU data
In the QS Asian University Rankings 2015, HKU achieved a full score of 100 in the QS ‘Employer Reputation’ survey, obtaining the highest graduate employability among local UGC-funded institutions for the sixth consecutive year.
Source : QS Asian University Rankings 2015 on ¡¥Employer Reputation¡¦
HKU has a team of 23 Honorary Career Advisors, the largest team among all local universities. They have extensive experience in wide range of industries, offering diversified and professional career advice to HKU students.
Source : HKU data
HKU Careers and Placement provides the most comprehensive and tailor-made faculty-based Professional Preparation Programme in addition to the regular careers training activities. From 2008 to 2015, around 5,000 students have joined the programme.
Source : HKU data
Percentage of teachers with PhD and / or
higher professional qualifications
Source : HKU data (September 2015)
Library stocks
Largest of any UGC-funded institution
Source : Joint University Libraries statistics
3.04 million bound volumes
(June 30, 2015)
Annual university turnover
Highest turnover of any UGC-funded institution
Source : Published annual accounts of
UGC-funded institutions
HK$7,879M (2013¡V2014)

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