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Others 其他

Accredited Teacher in HE (SEDA)教職員及高等教育拓展協會 認可高等教育教師
ACEnet 經綸網
Areas of Excellence 卓越學術領域
Asian Medical Education Association 亞洲醫學教育組織聯絡處
Association of University Presidents of China (AUPC) 中國大學校長聯誼會
Block Grant 整體資助
Capital Grant (UGC) 非經常性補助金
Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education香港大學高等教育教學證書
Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) (#1)協作研究金 (#1)
Competitive Bids競逐款項
Congregation 學位頒授典禮
Corporate Environmental Governance Programme企業環境管治計劃
Croucher Foundation 裘槎基金會
Distinguished Research Achievement Award卓越研究成就獎
Early Career Teaching Award新晉教員教學獎
Earmarked Grant 特定項目撥款
Excellence in Education Quality Work Award卓越教育工作獎
Federation of Hong Kong Higher Education Staff Associations 香港高等院校教職員會聯會
Formative Review 發展性評檢
Foundation Day 奠基紀念日〔三月十六日〕
General Research Fund (GRF) (#2)優配研究金 (#2)
Graduate Mentorship Programme 畢業生指導計劃
Heads of Universities Committee (HUCOM) 大學校長會
Higher Education External Relations Association of Hong Kong (HEERA) 香港高等教育外務協會
'HKU Worldwide' Programme 香港大學世界聯繫網
HKU Public Opinion Programme (POP)香港大學民意網站
Hong Kong Lecture香港講座
Inaugural Lecture就職講座
Intensified Learning Opportunity Programme 才能拓展計劃
Knowledge Navigation Centre 知識導航中心
Long Service Award長期服務獎
Matching Grant配對補助金
Medical Research Fellowship 最優秀醫學科研學者獎
Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering中國工程院院士
Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences中國科學院院士
Mentorship Programme師友計劃
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Academic Collaboration Award 海外及港澳學者合作研究基金
National Natural Sciences Prizes 國家自然科學基金獎
National Residency Training Centre 國家住院醫師規範化培訓基地 (#3)
Outside Practice 校外執業
Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award傑出研究生導師
Outstanding Researcher Award傑出研究學者
Outstanding Teaching Award傑出教學獎
Outstanding Young Researcher Award傑出青年研究學者
Problem Based Learning「解疑為本」/「問題為本學習」
Public Lecture 公開講座
QS Asia University RankingsQS亞洲大學排名
QS Graduate Employability RankingsQS畢業生就業能力排名
QS World University Rankings QS世界大學排名
Recurrent Grant (UGC) 經常性補助金
Reputable Charity Foundation Prize in Law威獎慈善基金獎
Research Grants Council 研究資助局
Senior Research Fellowship Award優秀科研者獎
Special Research Achievement Award研究成就特獎
Shaw's Prize 邵逸夫獎
Staff and Educational Development Association教職員及高等教育拓展協會
State Natural Science Award 國家自然科學獎
State Scientific and Technological Progress Award國家科學技術進步獎
State Technological Invention Award國家技術發明獎
Student Connect學生網聯
Summative Review綜合性評檢
Teaching and Learning Quality Process Review教與學質素過程檢討
Teaching Innovation Award創新教學獎
The Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET)香港學術及研究網
THE World University Rankings泰晤士高等教育世界大學排名
Universitas 21二十一大學協會
University Distinguished Teaching Award大學卓越教學獎
University Grants Committee 大學教育資助委員會
Vision and Mission 抱負與使命
Yuet Hing and Ho Sin Ming Prize in Hong Kong Studies悅興及何倩明香港研究獎
"973" programme (the National Basic Research Programme of China) "973"國家重點基礎研究發展計劃
"863" programme (the National High Technology Research and Development Programme of China)"863" 國家高技術研究發展計劃


(#1)previously known as: Central Allocation (CA)

(#2)previously known as: Competitive Earmarked Research Grants (CERG)


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