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HKU Quick Stats


Revenue and Expenditure 2022 / 2023 
二零二二 / 二零二三年度收支 

Revenue 收益 HK$'000 港元(千)
Government Subventions 政府補助撥款 6,572,361
Tuition, Programmes and Other Fees 學費、課程及其他收費        4,813,732
Donations and Benefactions 外界捐助 636,242
Auxiliary Services 輔助設施 359,105
Interest and Investment Gain 利息及投資收益 456,007
Other Income 其他收益 1,322,727
Total Revenue 總收益 14,160,174

Expenditure 支出 HK$'000 港元(千)
Teaching, Learning and Research 學習及科研 8,877,232
Teaching and Research 教學及科研 7,939,736
Library 圖書館 201,709
Central Computing Facilities 中央計算設施 237,050
Other Academic Services 其他教學設施 498,737
Institutional Support 教學支持 3,324,009
Management and General 管理及一般項目 608,902
Premises and Related Expenses 校舍及有關開支 1,786,947
Student and General Education Services 學生及一般教育設施 686,312
Other Activities 其他活動 241,848
Total Expenditure 總支出 12,201,241