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Curriculum, Research and University Development 課程 、研究與大學發展

4-year UG curriculum四年制本科課程
Accessibility and instantaneity可達度及即時性
Admission standards收生標準
Aesthetic expression of ideas and emotions美學概念與感情的表達
Area of Inquiry探索範疇
Beliefs and values essential to human bonding促進人類團結的重要信念及價值觀
Capstone Experience / programme總結性學習體驗/ 總結式課程
Challenges of global governance環球管治與挑戰
China: Culture, State and Society中國文化、國家與社會
China's changing environment轉變中的中國
China's quest for modernization探尋中國的現代化
Chinese civilization: state, society and economy 中國文明:家國、社會與經濟
Chinese culture: thoughts, values and ways of life 中國文化:思潮、價 值與生活
Common Core核心
Conceptual Framework for Curriculum Design課程設計上的概念
Course Learning Outcomes科目學習成效
Critical and independent thinking批判性思考與獨立思想能力
Critical intellectual enquiry批判性的思考
Development of moral & civic values公民意識和道德教育的持續發展
Disciplinary knowledge vs generic intellectual capabilities不同學科的知識和共通能力
Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong – Karolinska Institutet Collaboration in Regenerative Medicine李達三博士研究中心 ─ 香港大學-卡羅琳斯卡學院再生醫學合作計劃
Emphasis on academic integrity and ethical development強調學術誠信及倫理道德
Experiential learning體驗式學習
Flexible curriculum structure靈活課程制度
Full-time equivalent (FTE)等同全日制生
FYFD quota學士學位課程學額
Generic intellectual skills共通能力
Global citizenship環球公民
Global ethics and citizenship環球公民與道德
Global Issues環球議題
Global issues, local lives環球與本地議題
Globalization and economic development 全球化與經濟發展
Historical awareness: past and present 歷史認知:過去與現在
HKU Common Core Curriculum香港大學核心課程
HKU Educational Aims 香港大學教學理念
Inquiry in multiple contexts多元知識的追求及探索
Intellectually stimulating啓發思維
Intellectually vibrant living-learning environment啓發多元智能的學習生活環境
Interactions amongst communities社群之間的互動及影響
Interconnectedness and interdependent 相連性及相互性
Intercultural understanding跨文化的理解
Inter-disciplinary enquiry & collaboration跨領域的探索和研究
Language, communication and society語文、溝通與社會
Life-long learning終身學習
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)大規模開放在線課程
Medium of instruction教學語言
Mind, body and spirit身心精神與思維
Moral and civic values and ethics道德、公民及倫理等觀念
Multiple modes of learning & assessment多元的學習和評核形式
New secondary education structure新高中學制
NSS curriculum新高中課程
PLO Achievement Portfolio 課程學習成效概覽
Professional education專業教育
Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)課程學習成效
Quota for non-local students非本地生學額
Rapid generation of new knowledge知識的快速產生
Relationship between human beings and nature, and the interdependence of nature人類與大自然之間的關係及互動
Relationship between individual & community, and role of former in the latter個人與社會間關係,及個人在社會所扮演的角色
Required credits必需學分
Required for all students所有學生必須修讀
Research and University Development課程 、研究與大學發展
Science and technology in everyday life尖端科學與科技
Science, technology and global issues科學、技術與環球議題
Science, technology and society科學、科技與社會
Student assessment processes學生評估流程
Student-centred learning experience以學生為中心的卓越學習經歷
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)學生評價教與學問卷
The creative arts創意藝術
The Humanities人文學科
The nature and methods of science科學的本質與條理
The rise of China in the 21st century: challenges and prospects 中國二十一世紀崛起的挑戰與前瞻
Thinking critically: ethics and society社會與道德
Transforming Student Learning學習的變革
UG curriculum本科課程
UG liberal本科通識課程
UGC funding教育資助委員會的資助
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