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Curriculum, Research and University Development 課程 、研究與大學發展

3 +1 “I”s - Internationalisation, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity + Impact國際化、創新性、跨範疇+影響力
Joint Universities Research Archive (JURA)大學聯合典藏學術書庫

Six Educational Aims (for the new 4-year undergraduate curriculum)

  • pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual enquiry and lifelong learning
  • tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems
  • critical self-reflection and greater understanding of others, and upholding personal and professional ethics
  • intercultural understanding and global citizenship
  • communication and collaboration
  • leadership and advocacy for the improvement of the human condition


  • 學術 / 專業上追求卓越,慎思明辨,實踐終身學習。
  • 善於處理嶄新、未能定性的難題。
  • 勤於自省,體恤他人,秉持個人及專業操守。
  • 尊重文化差異、盡環球公民責任。
  • 加強溝通和合作能力。
  • 提倡和領導人類社會的進步。

Strategic Themes for 2009-2014

  • Enhancing the student learning experience
  • Advancing research and innovation
  • Promoting knowledge exchange and demonstrating leadership in communities across the region


  • 提升學生的學習經歷
  • 推進研究‧積極創新
  • 促進知識交流‧彰顯領導地位

Strategic Initiatives (For enhancing the student learning experience)

  • Strengthen efforts to recruit outstanding students, focusing on diversity in our student population
  • Invest in curriculum reform
  • Enrich the educational environment and enhance student support


  • 加強力度吸納英才‧致力拓展生源
  • 投放資源‧改革課程
  • 豐富教學環境‧加強學生支援

Strategic Initiatives (For advancing research and innovation)

  • Recruit and retain outstanding staff
  • Identify and invest in strategically relevant research themes
  • Strengthen the quality of research higher degree education, particularly PhD education, and nurture the next generation of scholars and researchers
  • Focus on the importance of research integrity


  • 延攬傑出教職員
  • 選定研究主題並投放資源
  • 加強研究式高級學位教育,尤其是博士學位教育的質素,培育新一代的學者及研究人員
  • 強調研究誠信的重要性

Strategic Initiatives (For promoting knowledge exchange activities)

  • Develop a strong knowledge sharing culture
  • Demonstrate leadership in communities across the region in a broad range of fields through enhancing the quality, range and impact of our knowledge exchange activities
  • Acknowledge contributions to knowledge exchange
  • Embed knowledge exchange in the curriculum


  • 推動知識共享文化
  • 透過提升我們的知識交流活動的水平、範圍及影響,展示我們在區域內的領導角色
  • 肯定對知識交流的貢獻
  • 將知識交流融入課程

Enabling Platform

  • Building and enhancing the University’s financial capacities
  • Creating an environment supportive of our academic and research missions
  • Sustaining a proactive human resource policy and management structure
  • Enhancing the University’s operational capacity


  • 建立和加強港大的財政能力
  • 創造理想環境,支援學術研究使命
  • 實施前瞻性的人力資源政策和管理架構
  • 提升大學的運作能力
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Hong Kong University Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (HKUSLEQ)香港大學學生學習經歷問卷
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Strategic Collaborations策略性合作關係
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