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Other Departments, Centres, Units and School 其他部門

Cancer Research Centre (#1)癌病研究中心 (#1)
Cardiovascular Science and Medicine, Institute of (ICSM)心臟血管研究所
Careers Education and Placement Centre (#2)就業指導中心
Carol Yu Centre of Infection (#3)余雷覺雲感染及傳染病中心
Cellular Biology, Centre for (#4) 細胞生物研究中心 (#4)
Central Centre for Teaching and Research中區教研中心
Cheung Kung Hai Conference Centre鍾江海會議中心
Chi Wah Learning Commons智華館
China and Global Development, Institute for (ICGD)中國與全球發展研究所
China Financial Research, Centre for 中國金融研究中心
China Innovation Centre for Drugs Development (H.K.), The中國藥物研究創新中心
China Innovation Centre for Information Technology (H.K.), The中國資訊技術創新中心
Chinese Language Cognitive Science Joint Research Centre (CAS) 中國語文認知科學聯合研究中心〔中科院〕
Chinese Language Cognitive Science Research Centre (#5)中國語文認知科學研究中心 (#5)
Chinese Law, Centre for中國法研究中心
Chinese Management Centre (CMC)華人管理中心
Chinese Medicine, School of中醫藥學院
Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre莊月明文娛中心
Civil Society and Governance, Centre for 公民社會與治理研究中心
Cleft Lip and Palate Centre (#6)裂唇裂顎中心 (#6)
Clinic of the East West Medical Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong香港大學中西醫藥研究中心診所
Clinical Biochemistry Unit臨床生化科
Clinical Trials Centre臨床試驗中心
Cognitive Science Centre (#5)認知科學中心 (#5)
Collaborative Research and Innovation Laboratory on Infectious Disease Treatment, HKU-Zheda-Tsinghua (#7)感染性疾病診治協同創新中心 (#7)
Common Core Curriculum Office核心課程事務處
Communication Disorders, Centre for (#8)溝通障礙研究中心 (#8)
Community Legal Information Centre (CLIC)社區法網
Community Medicine, Department of (#9)社會醫學系
Comparative and Public Law, Centre for (CCPL)比較法與公法研究中心
Comparative Education Research Centre比較教育研究中心
Complimentary and Alternative Medical Centre輔助及另類醫學中心
Computer Centre (#10)電腦中心
Construct I.T., Centre for建設資訊科技中心
Counselling & Person Enrichment (CoPE)輔導及心理培育組
Criminology, Centre for犯罪學中心
Cultural Policy Research , Centre for (#5)文化政策研究中心 (#5)
Cyberport Institute of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong香港大學數碼港學院


(#1)disestablished on October 3. 2016

(#2)CEPC was merged into one single office CEDARS since Oct 2006

(#3)formerly knowned as Centre of Infection, retitled in Sept 2009

(#4)disestablished on October 27, 2015

(#5)disestablished in June 2015

(#6)disestablished on January 11, 2016

(#7)A collaborative project signed with Zhejiang University and Tsinghua University Beijing and with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention being one of the core working partners.

(#8)disestablished on June 1, 2018

(#9)Subsumed under the School of Public Health w.e.f. July 1, 2013

(#10)Computer Centre has been renamed as Information Technology Services as of September 25, 2012

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