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Other Departments, Centres, Units and School 其他部門

I Security Solution Ltd強碼數據有限公司
Infection, Centre of傳染病研究中心
Influenza Research,Centre of香港大學流感研究中心
Information Security and Cryptography, Centre for信息安全及密碼學研究中心 (#1)
Information Technology Services資訊科技服務
Information Technology and Teaching Group資訊科技教學組
Information Technology in Education, Centre for (CITE) 教育應用資訊科技發展研究中心
Infrastructure and Construction Industry Development, Centre for (#2)基建及建造業發展中心 (#2)
Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development, Centre for (CICID)香港大學建造及基建創新研究中心
International Centre for China Development Studies (ICCDS)中國發展國際研究中心
International Centre for Navigational Dentistry (ICOND)牙科導航手術教研國際中心
International Research Programme on Traditional Chinese and Natural Medicine (Unit) 中藥及天然藥品國際研究計劃〔小組〕
International Research Centre for Electric Vehicles (#3)國際電動車研究中心 (#3)
Internet - Centric Excellence Centre (ICE) 互聯網卓越功能開發中心
Internet Computing, Institute of〔中文名稱待定〕



(#2)the centre was renamed as The Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development w.e.f. August 26, 2014

(#3)disestablished on October 27, 2015

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