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Other Departments, Centres, Units and School 其他部門

Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre何耀棣體驗學習中心
General Education, CEDARS (#1)學生發展及資源中心(通識)
Genomic Sciences, Centre for (#2)基因研究中心
Geographical / Land Information System Research Centre地理及土地信息系統 研究中心
Graduate School研究學院
Guangdong - Hong Kong Viral Hepatitis Research Centre粵港病毒性肝炎研究中心〔中山大學與港大合辦〕


(#1)The Team, evolved after the disestablishment of General Education Unit,  is one of the five Sections / Teams under CEDARS w.e.f. 1 September 2018.

(#2)previous name: Genome Research Centre, w.e.f. March 06, 2012

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